Cargo barge Ilaria ran aground at Danube River

barge Ilaria ran agroundThe cargo barge Ilaria ran aground at Danube River at Muhlham, Germany. The vessel was loaded with 811 tons of quartz sand en route from Vilshofen to Straubing, but due to human mistake of the skipped, hardly stuck with the bow outside the fairway. The attempts of the pusher tug to refloat the barge were unsuccessful and the barge remained stuck outside the fairway, not disturbing the commercial shipping through the river, but warned to proceed at the area with decreased speed and increase cautiousness. The incident was reported to local authorities and at the scene were dispatched salvage tug. It was estimated the the vessel can be refloated, just after lightening of the cargo.

The local authorities started partial offloading of the cargo from the barge early this morning and halted traffic at the shipping channel. It is not expected to form big congestion at the area .Once the ship is refloated, will be towed to safe depth at Aicha, where will be inspected for underwater damages. The river bottom would have to be sounded by the river authority in Regensburg.

The river cargo barge Ilaria has overall length of 80.00 m, moulded beam of 8.00 m and maximum draft of 2.00 m.