Canadian Arctic port of Churchill ceased all operations

Arctic port of ChurchillThe Canadian Arctic port of Churchill ceased all operations and was closed. The decision was taken by the US company OmniTrax, which port owner and operator of the only one Arctic port in Canada. The port employees and dockworkers already received documents for releasing, while the subcontractors’ contracts were terminated. The company operator do not comment the reasons for ceased all operations at the Arctic port of Churchill. According to officials from the industry, the main reason is low turnover and small working season, which is only 14 weeks – between July 15 and October 31.

“For the first time since the Great Depression, on August 8 (2016) Arctic port of Churchill ceased all operations”, said the officials from Arctic port of Churchill. “The decision for closure of the port was made by port owners”, added he.

The Port of Churchill and Hudson Bay Rail line infrastructure was constructed in 1931 to export grain and commodities from Western Canada, import of industrial goods to the Northern Hemisphere and strategic defense and sovereignty. Until 1997 the port was owned by the Government of Canada. After that was sold to US owners. The Canadian Arctic port has 4 berths, capable to handle Panamax vessels with maximum length of 225.00 m and draft of 11.50 m at low tide.