Bunkering tanker Dae Yang No 3 collided with bridge construction in Yellow sea

Bunkering tanker Dae Yang No 3The bunkering tanker Dae Yang No 3 collided with bridge construction installations in Yellow sea at Shinan islands, South Korea. The vessel was en route from Yeosu to Gunsang with cargo of bunker fuel, but collided with the construction after sudden blackout. The ship lost propulsion power and crew was unable to stop the dead inertia. Fortunately the collision did not happened at high speed and caused minor damages, not threatening the seaworthiness of the bunkering tanker. There were no injured people and no oil spill during the accident, but the tanker was detained until further inspection and special survey.

The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of collision. It was estimated the tanker lost propulsion power after sudden blackout and was not able to maneuver accordingly, colliding with the bridge construction. During collision there were no workers on the installations, which prevented a lot of injuries.

The bunkering tanker Dae Yang No 3 (IMO: 8879689) has overall length of 72.00 m, moulded beam of 11.20 m and maximum draft of 4.50 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 2,023 DWt and the gross tonnage is 864 GRT. The ship was built in 1994 by Hanpo Shipbuilding in Pusan, South Korea. The owner and operator of the bunkering tanker is Bosung Shipping.