Bulk carrier Nenita ran aground in Columbia river in USA

Bulk carrier Nenita agroundThe bulk carrier Nenita ran aground in lower Columbia river near Skamokawa in Washington, USA. The vessel was en route from Kalama to Qinzhou in China with cargo of grain, but shortly after leaving the port suffered engine failure and lost propulsion power. The crew was unable to stop the dead inertia and the bulk carrier left the fairway, grounding into the sandbank with the fore part. It was understood the bow was breached but there was no danger for the seaworthiness of the cargo ship. After several hours, the ship was refloated and towed back to Kalama for inspection and repairs. Fortunately there were no injured people and no water pollution reported.

The local authorities ordered special survey and safety inspection of the vessel before release her to resume the voyage to China. It was estimated that bulk carrier suffered only slight breaches and there was no water ingress.

During grounding and further salvage, the traffic at lower Columbia river was hampered and partially blocked by the grounded vessel. However, there was no congestion and disruption of the traffic at the shipping way.

The bulk carrier Nenita (IMO: 9304289) has overall length of 225.00 m, moulded beam of 32.00 m and maximum draft of 13.10 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 76,807 DWT and the gross tonnage is 40,042 GRT. The bulker was built in 2006 by Sasebo Heavy Industries in Japan.