Boating Industry 2015-2016 Top Products

Some of the products that made it to the top listing in the boating industry range from a wide variety of engines, boats, accessories, and apps. Most of these products have either been updated or introduced in early 2014. The reason the products were chosen from other products that had been nominated is based on a wide range of their attributes such as innovation (like linear actuator manufacturer at, their impact on the industry, and their capacity to make their category more advanced.

ARI Mobile
The design of ARI Mobile enables it simplify inventory management in a major unit. Dealers can easily utilize the device to update their websites, syndicate content to sales channels for third parties, and optimize listing s of inventory. The device works with both Android and iOS software and it present to marine dealers who are on the Endeavor website platform.

ari mobile

Blue gas Marine
The device gives engines the capacity of running on natural gas while at the same time using petroleum thanks to the BGM fuel system kit. However, the fuel system functions independently implying that both the gasoline and the natural gas systems can run separately

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Bennett BOLT Electric Trim Tab
This is a new system that has been designed to provide affordable, suitable, and perfect solutions that are easy to install in several applications from the individual who invented the Trim Tab System. Some of the main components of the BOLT’s kit include two 12-volt actuators that have wire harnesses measuring 6 feet as well as waterproof connectors, mounting planes and trim planes that are stainless steel. Since the controls can only be purchased separately, additional information can be gathered from marine actuators.

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Cruisers Yachts 390 Express Coupe
This is the newest product released by Cruisers Yachts and it has one of the largest cockpits when compared to other yachts of its class. One level has a usable space that measures 157 square feet while the seating arrangements are composed of aft-facing flip up lounge seating and extensive space for storage.

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Gibbs Quadski XL
This is the latest addition that has eradicated the requirement of having two separate machines for land and water and it is associated with the Gibbs Sports Amphibians. Its design enables it to carry two riders and it powered by Quadski XL, which is BMW Motorrad K1400 engine. This machine can also run at speeds of 45 mph both on water and land and the transition is completely done in less than five minutes after pushing the button.

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Yamaha 190 FSH series
This is a 19 foot 190 FSH series of boat that is specifically designed for fishing. It is jet-powered and it was introduced by Yamaha WaterCraft Group. Not only is it considered a unique family fishing machine of its kind, it has a centre console model which was designed by Yamaha. There are three different models of this machines that were released in 2015 all of which contain unique features. For instance, the upgraded 190 FSH deluxe model consist of dual batteries wiring, head compartment curtain, stainless steel rub-rail, bow pedal seats, and upgraded cushions/seating.