Barge carrying 100 tons of propane-butane partially sank on Ob river

Barge sankBarge carrying 100 tons of propane-butane mixture sank on Ob river in Tomsk, Russia. The vessel was en route from Bondarko to Zhukovo, loaded with containers with propane-butane gas mixture, but suffered underwater breaches and started getting water ingress. The crew headed the barge to the shore and tries to beach her, but before that she partially sank. Fortunately there were no injured people during the accident and the barge remained partially above the water. The cargo on board was six containers with 100 tons of propane-butane mixture, which were transfered to another cargo barge and delivered to the destination point. There is no report for leaks and water pollution.

“On June 25, during a voyage through Kolominsky strait sank a cargo barge, with containers with propane-butane mixture. The vessel suffered bottom damages, when collided with underwater obstacle. It drifted to the shore, where it sank”, said the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport, Valery Ermakov. “On board there were 6 containers with propane-butane mixture with total quantity of 100 tons. They were handled by another barge and sent to the destination”, added he.

The barge is owned and operated by LLC Tomtransavto. The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the accident.