Atkins wins offshore engineering support services contract from Chevron

offshore platformThe Australian division of the British engineering company Atkins was awarded with contract for onshore and offshore engineering support services for the oil and gas major’s Western Australian-based assets of Chevron. The contract will be commenced in July 2016 and has no deadline, as the company will provide services and maintenance of the Chevron’s assets. The project includes provision of a range of onshore and offshore engineering services to support Chevron’s assets. The new agreement will employ the company’s long-established Perth-based team of more than 50 expert oil and gas engineers, who are supported by global oil and gas teams in UK and USA.

“We are looking forward to delivering innovative work across the lifecycle of Chevron’s assets covered in this agreement. Our decade of experience in the Australian oil and gas sector puts us in an ideal position to support our clients in this region”, operations director of Atkins’ oil and gas Asia Pacific business, Nick Wells.

Atkins is a British multinational engineering, design, planning, architectural design, project management and consulting services company. It operates offices in 38 countries and portfolio of work in the Australia region including the Ichthys LNG project, offshore projects and etc. The company has annual revenues of 1,757 billion GBP and 18,462 employees.