Turtle Turns 187 And Is The Oldest Living Animal On The Planet

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The turtle named Jonathan was born in 1832 and is now 187 years old, it is currently the oldest living animal.

It is a known fact that humans survive most animals. But turtles are definitely an exception, and one of them was able to reach the mature age of 187, wow! really surprising.

Jonathan, a giant tortoise, is currently the oldest living land animal in the entire world, having been born in 1832. The turtle currently lives on the island of Saint Helena, Seychelles, and resides with the Governor at the Plantation House, this is one of the most unusual cases in the animal kingdom.

It is interesting that there is a photo of Jonathan taken in 1886, and it can be compared to his current photo, as a modern challenge. It is noteworthy that the turtle was already around 54 years old when that photo was taken.

Although Jonathan is still upbeat and energetic, doctors have noted signs of aging, and his sense of sight and smell are slowly weakening.

Dr. Hollins feeds Jonathan special foods with higher calories weekly, as he no longer eats enough grass.

Although, it is verified that the oldest turtle (and according to the Guinness World Records ) is Tu’i Malila, who died in Tonga in 1965 at the age of 188 years. Adwaita, a giant Aldabra tortoise died in 2006 at the Kolkata Zoological Garden in India, believed to have lived at the age of 255.

This specimen of a giant tortoise, belonging to the species Aldabrachelys gigantea hololissa, arrived in Santa Elena in 1882 from the Seychelles and since it was given to the governor thirty years ago, it has become an icon for the island, where its image appears even in your currency. Truly amazing.

Turtle Turns 187 And Is The Oldest Living Animal On The Planet


Source: La Verdad Noticias