They See Him Float By Them In A River And Do Not Hesitate To Dive In And Rescue Him (VIDEO)

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What started as a walk to go fishing, ended in a heroic maneuver that was all recorded on video. The animal is now in a shelter.

The moans of an animal interrupted the group’s afternoon of fishing in a town in Croatia.

The 3 friends were standing at the edge of the water when they seen a baby deer float past. One of them, a 21 year old man, realized that the fawn was in trouble and decided to save it at all costs.

He took off his shirt, and jumped into the icy waters, and carried the limp body of the little animal to shore. As the creature was dying, they had to massage her chest so that she could catch her breath.

Finally, the little deer managed to overcome and is now in charge of a shelter.

It is people like this that restore my faith in humanity. Thank you all for saving this helpless animal.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Noticias Caracol