She Bathes Him While Telling Stories And He Soaks Up Every Minute Of It [VIDEO]

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The viral YouTube video shows how the old woman cares for her dog as if it were her son and pampers him during grooming.

An emotional viral video on YouTube has stolen the hearts of thousands of Internet users in social networks, because an old woman named Yai bathes her dog Leo as she tells a story as if the pup were a child, the images were recorded in Thailand and softened the hearts of thousands of users.

Viral images on YouTube show how the long-standing woman treats the dog as if it were her own son and gives him his bath in a tub full of water and to make his the moment pleasant, she tells a story, which causes the dog to listen to her carefully while the owner gently caresses him. The two are inseparable, Leo follows her everywhere. 

Likewise, Internet users were fascinated by the emotional scene that shows the dog enjoying the bath that its owner gives him while they are recorded by a family member who did not resist the moving moment and decided to record it to share it on social networks.

 The tender clip of the golden retriever being bathed by its owner with much love managed to obtain more than 28,000 reproductions and becoming a trend in countries like Mexico, Canada and the United States.

“That is true love.” “It is as if he were her own son.” “What an adorable granny, she treats him like a grandson,” were some comments from YouTube users after playing the viral video of the pet with its owner.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: El Popular