He Waits On The Rocks At The Edge Of The Ocean 365 Days For Them To Return (Warning Very Sensitive Video)

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The puppy suffered the harsh attack of several dogs, but what happened later changed his life forever.

The examples that demonstrate the fidelity of the dogs towards their owners count by thousands. The arrival of social networks has allowed a multitude of stories to be seen where pets are the true protagonists. But the story that we tell you below, has rarely been seen.

And it is that dogs live emotions just like humans and many times they can be heartbroken, especially when, due to circumstances, they live apart from their owners.

Noorung waited a year, 365 long days. He did not care how cold she was suffering, and the multitude of difficulties she had to endure living among the rocks. That was just the place where he usually went with the couple of fishermen with whom he lived. For the Noorung dog, that place, that rocky island, was a pleasant space to play, run and, above all, enjoy the days with their owners.

Unfortunately, one day the elderly couple became seriously ill and were rushed to hospital on the other side of the country. Noorung could not accompany them and, without understanding the reason why they left, he decided to wait for them day after day on that island full of rocks eroded by the waves of the sea. She hoped that one day her owners would return.

The adversities Noorung went through

The days weren’t easy: Throughout the year, Noorung had to fend off attacks from other dogs, overcome inclement weather, or endure hunger and thirst. But her love for those two elders, her travelling companions was stronger than any difficulty. The desire to see them again, to be able to be together again prevailed over any setback. It was as if he was waiting for a friend he hadn’t seen in a long time. Regardless of weather conditions, even during the cold winter, Noorung refused to seek refuge in a safer location. When it rained, she took refuge under a small bush in the rock.

The priest who left him food every day

The presence of the dog did not go unnoticed by some locals, who alerted the situation to the volunteers of a local shelter who tried to catch him. The neighbours felt sorry for the dog, but at the same time, they could not do much, since Noorung, scared, did not allow anyone to approach him. Despite his behaviour, a priest, whom everyone in town knew, left him food every day. The villagers were concerned that Noorung had suffered an accident, resulting in serious injuries to one leg, after being attacked by three dogs, causing him to rush down the rocks.

The priest, after learning of what had happened, contacted the owners of the pet to come and rescue him, but there was little to do. They were elderly people in poor health, so they were not in a position to make the trip . The promise to come after him when they got better wasn’t enough, since there was no telling if Noorung would still be alive by then.

Noorung’s rescue

The neighbours, together with the priest, decided to organize a rescue. It was not an easy task given his willingness to stay in that place and they had to resort to painkillers to be able to catch him without getting hurt during the escape.

Fortunately, his health at all times was very good, the vets said, and within days Noorung found a new home, the Parish Church. The priest decided to give this faithful and loving dog a second life.

(Warning Very Sensitive Video)


Source: Cope