The Reprehensible Behaviour of Crowds of New Yorkers to the Arrival of the Comfort Hospital Ship

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The arrival of the US Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort in New York generated great interest and gave hope to New Yorkers, whose city is currently the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic and has been severely affected, with more than 40,000 cases and almost a thousand deceased.

Journalists and New Yorkers celebrated the arrival of the hospital ship, which will certainly provide immense service and endow the city with greater and urgent medical capabilities in this public health crisis. The ship has 1,000 beds and several operating rooms.

His sight is certainly an icon of the forces of the nation mobilized for the common good. It certainly has its propaganda burden, but its value to boost morale and provide invaluable medical service is clear.

But the enormous expectation before the arrival of the Comfort also created reprehensible and even dangerous behaviours. Masses of people gathered in the vicinity of the New York port (Pier 90) to see the ship arrive, thereby violating the social distancing provisions that are crucial to curb the epidemic, as reported in BuzzFeed News.

All to take a photo with the ship in the background.

The contradiction between the urgency to distance oneself socially and the meetings of people in excessive numbers given the epidemic was described and deplored by journalists and users on social networks.

The vision of these concentrations of people and their possible effect on additional coronavirus infections, largely neutralized the comfort produced by the arrival of the ship.

And others questioned where the police officers who, according to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, would fine up to $ 500 for people who did not comply with social distancing and were away from home in non-essential activities, where they were.

It should be noted that the USNS Comfort hospital ship will not serve Covid-19 patients but will treat patients with other conditions in order to reduce the burden on the city’s hospitals, saturated with coronavirus patients.

But this certainly offers a light for New York at these critical moments, and even movie stars celebrated the event, conveniently from the balcony of their home and without adding crowds beyond a waterfall of likes.

And for those who want to know more about the USNS Comfort without leaving home, a video of the United States Navy made especially in the context of the arrival of that hospital ship in New York explains its characteristics and capabilities.


Source: ES Noticias