Moral Indignation: They Drop Him From A Helicopter Into A Pool And Think It’s Funny (WARNING Video Contains Sensitive Material)

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He was dropped on the property of an Argentine businessman, who claims he was a victim of the macabre done.

In social networks the repudiation of the scene captured by Federico Álvarez Castillo, creator of clothing brands, who was in one of his houses in Uruguay has been manifested.

According to Álvarez, he took the video when he saw that a helicopter was flying over the house.

While the images show how the animal is thrown at a considerable height, it is not possible to determine whether it was alive or dead. In any case, the joke did not fall well at all among animal advocates.

“We repudiate this type of action and we are working to clarify this situation immediately,” Federico Álvarez said through social networks, who says he is a “victim”, despite being able to hear background laughs.

Watch the Twitter video below … (WARNING Video Contains Sensitive Material)


Source: Noticias CaracolTV