Woman Takes A ‘Creative’ Photo Using A Live Octopus, Without Imagining The Terrible Defence Of The Creature [VIDEO]

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On YouTube, a video went viral showing the severe attack of an octopus being placed on the face of a young woman.

Viral video is already a trend in cyberspace. A YouTube post has left thousands of users speechless, since it is possible to distinguish the harsh punishment that a girl received, who decided to photograph herself with a live octopus, without imagining that the sea creature would give her a terrible lesson that she can hardly forget. The clip is widely shared in Mexico, Colombia and Spain.

As you can see in the viral video shared on the YouTube platform, a woman from the United States, decided to take a ‘creative’ photo and therefore, chose to place the octopus on her face.

However, the woman, who so far has not given her name, did not know that the animal would defend itself by holding the skin on the face of the woman, thus generating an episode of tension, which hours later would be disclosed on YouTube.

Before the horrifying moment experienced by the woman, she ended up being immediately admitted to the Washington Hospital in the United States. Later it was announced that this action could cost her her life, since it acquired a dangerous allergic reaction.

Likewise, the female said that from now on she will be more respectful of living beings, according to a Telemundo article published on YouTube. Given the fact, thousands of Internet users were critical of the woman’s action and emphasized that it was a ‘punishment’ for her boldness.


Source: La Republica