VIDEO: Bird is “Swallowed” by a Huge Aquatic Well and Manages to Survive

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A video has been shared, showing the moment when a 60-meter hole in Lake Berryessa in California, United States, ‘swallows’ a bird.

The images were captured by the water resources manager of the lake, Rick Fowler, and shows how a bird, apparently a cormorant, floats and goes straight to the sinkholes, commonly known as ‘glory hole’, until the animal it disappears inside him.

It should be noted that the famous drain is located on Lake Berryessa, in the county of Napa, measures 22 meters in diameter and serves to drain the dam when the water reaches 134 meters in height.

Through social networks several users through the YouTube platform and Instagram recently shared the images of the “awakening glory hole” where you can see how it “devours” the water and in this case the bird.

The author of the video assures that the bird managed to survive, because he saw it coming out of the huge hole and fly to a safe place , although this does not seem in the video, so many users doubted the truth of the words man.

It was even commented that the spokesman of the Recovery Office of the Department of the Interior of the United States, owner of the spillway, is not sure which bird could have survived.


Source: La Verdad Noticias