The Incredible Rescue Of A Turtle That Had Been Trapped In A Net (VIDEO)

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Many users of YouTube, where the rescue video was shared, congratulated the fisherman who helped the animal.

A fisherman won the love of hundreds of YouTube users by doing something very good for a sea turtle. As indicated in the headline of this article, the animal had been trapped in a net .

The praiseworthy action clip was uploaded to YouTube by Newsflare and starts with the reptile completely desperate to break free . In a quick way, the seaman cuts the net with a knife, relieving in part the discomfort of the oviparous being.

Seconds later we see how the ‘savior’ and a companion take the turtle and return it to his home, the wild sea.

According to the description of the YouTube viral , the incident occurred in Ecuador. The person who registered the action is English-speaking, which is why several users think he was a tourist.

“It seems to me one of the most tender recordings I’ve seen in my life,” said an Internet user about the clip, which has more than 3,000 reproductions.


Source: Trome