That’s Why “Deadliest Catch” Will No Longer Feature The Time Bandit

No matter how much we miss the Hillstrands.

Deadliest Catch has just finished its 15th season, but one of the basic fishing boats of the past seasons has been MIA: The Time Bandit. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand and his brothers managed the commercial fishing boat, which is currently sold at auction. The 15th most deadly capture season of the discovery came back earlier this month, with many veteran stars taking the helm for another high-risk crabbing game.

Even captain Sig Hansen returned to the documentary, despite his big-screen revelation that he suffered a second heart attack last year. However, there is one important player who, unfortunately, will not decorate our TV screens: the Time Bandit commercial fishing boat. Fans of the series must be familiar with the ship with skulls and crossbones from the second to the second season. 13 years old, held by brothers Neal, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand.

However, despite the ship’s long career on television, Captain Johnathan announced his retirement at the end of the 13th edition of the program. A turnaround in the plot: this retreat actually had a very short lifespan, with the veteran fisherman continuing to document his off-camera sea excursions via social media soon after. Fans had a glimmer of hope that it was Time Bandit’s triumphant return to Season 15 of Deadliest Catch, but last year, every project was thwarted by an unexpected malfunction: the ship’s engine had exploded. John went on Twitter to share this disturbing news, confirming that the famous ship would be out of service during the crabbing season, which ended his almost four-decade run.

A few days later, he thanked the audience for his concern over a promising update to the status of Time Bandit, revealing that it had been repaired and that we headed for Homer, Alaska. So, with the current Deadliest Catch season, where is the Time Bandit now, and could we finally see it on TV next year? Unfortunately, no, it is currently sold. An undated online list of Dock Street Brokers indicates the unmistakable 113-foot boat currently available at an impressive price of $ 2,888,888.

That's Why Deadliest Catch Will No Longer Feature The Time Bandit

According to the post, Time Bandit, built in 1991, can accumulate up to 365,000 pounds of salmon and 175,000 pounds of crab (wow). We are disconsolate that the Hillstrand brothers have chosen to part with their beloved family boat, which means that the Time Bandit Dead Catch season has officially taken its course.

The absence of the crew has been a hard pill to swallow for many hard-nosed spectators, but there is no doubt that the remaining stars will continue to implement our spectacular fishing solution (and if all goes well they will fill the empty of Johnathan’s jokes).

That's Why Deadliest Catch Will No Longer Feature The Time Bandit

The Time Bandit crew: (form left to right) Deckhand Neal Hillstrand, Captain Andy Hillstrand, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand, and Deckhand Scott Hillstrand.

  1. Patricia Weatherford May 5, 2019, 6:12 pm

    Captain Johnathan, Captain Andy, Neal and Scott – you will all be missed so much!! I don’t think the show will ever be the same.

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