INSANE Man Risks Life While Kite Surfing With Hundreds of These Below Him…

On March 9, 2019 in Palm Beach, Florida, a fearless man decides to kite surf with hundreds of deadly sharks just below him surrounding the area. The extreme man had this to say with the submission of the video…

“The shark migration up the Florida coast is one of the most spectacular things you can witness. I have always wanted to experience this firsthand. What better way than kite surfing with hundreds of your closest friends.”

So it turns out this man has absolutely no problem with being surrounded by hundreds of sharks. He in fact refers to them as his closest friends. What an awesome attitude when it comes to water sports because this fearlessness of sharks or any deadly sea creatures allows him to record amazing footage like this and share it with the world. A wonderful shot of taking kite surfing to the next level and showing people you can survive while being this close to that many sharks. Totally insane.

Source: ViralHog

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