How to be a Good Diving Partner

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The system of partners that is used in diving is fundamental when it comes to ensuring the enjoyment of this sport. The buddy system is important for the safety of all divers. We know that we can never dive alone, but perhaps what we do not know is what we can do to become the ideal underwater couple and get the most out of our dives.

  1. Plan well with your partner the dive before going to the water. Must be adequate to the capabilities of the lower level diver.
  2. Check your equipment well and assist your partner with his, familiarizing yourself with him. With the team, of course (although it never hurts to make ‘good friends’ start if it’s the first time you dive with that couple).
  3.  Never forget the pre-immersion check , without skipping any of your steps. Check your partner’s team and ask your buddy to check yours.
  4.  Try to maintain good communication with your partner during the dive through the signs of diving. For this it is essential to check before the dive what signs or gestures are going to be used under the sea. Do not forget to ask your diving partner if he is ok (all ok) regularly. It is also important to understand well also outside the water.
  5. Stay close to your partner throughout the dive. Although this does not mean you have to swim ‘over’ or ‘stick’ to your partner like a limpet. Simply, you have to stay at a controlled distance. As a general rule, try not to be more than two seconds apart.
  6. Assist your partner in case of an emergency diving situation . You must know the procedure well in case of accident.
  7. Above all and above all, take your safety very seriously .
  8. Dive, dive, dive … and keep learning. This will expand your base of skills and knowledge, increasing your safety and that of everyone in the dives.

Of course, all this is reciprocal and the same points that we demand of ourselves must be fundamental requirements that we seek to meet our diving partner. If we want to be accompanied by a good ally under the sea, we must be good companions in the dives ourselves.

How to be a Good Diving Partner

At the same time, there are a number of things that should NOT be done if we want to enjoy our dives and make them safe.

  1. Add pressure to the partner, as we can dent his confidence and put both in danger. You have to be sensitive to the feelings of our buddy and know how he feels physically or if he is stressed before the dive. Of course, you never have to force your partner to submerge if you do not want to.
  2. Do not pay attention to the pre-dive briefing . We can miss important information necessary for diving.
  3. Do not be vigilant during the dive. We must be aware of our buddy at all times and focused on what we are doing.
  4. Making inopportune jokes . Diving and our safety is a very serious matter.
  5. Being selfish . Diving is a team sport. Under water we do not want individualities.
  6. Turn diving into a competition . Here we will not gain anything by falling a few meters more than the partner or holding more time under water.



Source: Marca