Heroic Villagers Save Helplessly Trapped Sea Creature Entangled on Their Shoreline

On May 2 local residents attempted to free a dolphin entirely trapped in fish nets that made it unable to swim away from a beach in eastern Indonesia.

The filmer said the dolphin’s condition was “weak and helpless” when it was found by local residents of the nearby village Warimak, who attempted to rescue and release the trapped dolphin. Before the video ends we see the villagers about to take the net off the dolphin’s head. The video stops there and we don’t get to witness the dolphin becoming free.

It seems like they end up getting the job done and saving this poor sea mammal. Similar to this one, many sea mammals struggle with becoming trapped in these abandoned fishing nets. A heroic act of kindness made by these villagers.

We all need to act just like they do. If you ever come across a struggling sea creature completely trapped in a net. Be sure to do everything in your power to free it!

Source: Liveleak & Newsflare