He Pets A Whale Calf Off The Side Of A Boat In Mexico Without Realizing Mom Isn’t Far Behind (VIDEO)

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A man recorded a video of the moment he stroked the body of a gray whale calf, without imagining that his mother was very close.

Unexpected outcome. A video showed the audacity of a tourist approaching the breeding of a huge whale after getting away from his mother on a beach in San Ignacio (Mexico). However, the scene that caused the astonishment in thousands of users was the reaction of the giant sea creature that noticed the incident with its offspring.

The crew of an expedition in Mexico never imagined that their adventure through the open sea would become an unforgettable experience. The shared recording on YouTube shows the exact moment when a gigantic whale calf pulls its head out and approaches the boat.

The tourists, far from being afraid of the appearance of the enormous animal, began to caress it as if it were a tender pet. After a few minutes, the mother appeared and her reaction went around the world.

In that brutal approach, the crew were shocked to think the worst of the giant sea creature. However, the incident shared did not arouse suspicion of his mother, and only managed to be close to his offspring.

Whales interact with humans

According to experts, the whales have an absolutely social behavior, since they use sounds to share information with other members of the group. Similarly, humans use different types of communication for the same purpose.

Just a few days after its publication on YouTube, the viral video accumulated more than 17 million views, 1200 shares and hundreds of comments. “Now more than ever we must take care of these animals. The elephants are killed again”,” it is wonderful that these species survive human activity “,” what an incredible experience “, can be read on social networks.


Source: La Republica