He Breaks A World Record For Catching A 105-kg Siamese Carp In Thailand

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According to the fisherman, he was able to get his reward after 80 minutes of fighting.

A British has broken a record after fishing in Thailand a Siamese carp, possibly the largest ever caught in the world, reported Daily Mail last week.

According to the media, John Harvey, 42, who has lived in the Thai city of Pattaya for the past 14 years, fished in June to the exemplary giant, about 105 kilograms in Palm Tree Lagoon.

“He did not fight too hard against me, it was the weight of the tent that was the real challenge,” the man recalls. ” After 80 minutes, I finally took it to the bank , and I could not believe what I saw,” Harvey said, adding that the images do not do justice to the dimensions of the specimen. The man even needed the help of two other fishermen to be able to pose with his prey.

According to reports, the Siamese carp harvested by Harvey surpassed the previous record by 4.5 kilograms .

“I’ve been showing them all the photos of the fish since I caught it,” the man admitted. “I’m just a casual fisherman, so I really felt sorry for some other fishermen in the area who spend a lot more money and do not fish anything close to this size,” he confessed.

He Breaks A World Record For Catching A 105-kg Siamese Carp In Thailand



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