Fisherman and Bald Eagle Star in an Unusual Scene That Began With an “Attempted Robbery” [VIDEO]

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The bird tried to take one of the fish that Mathias Gilbert caught but in the end both struck an unusual friendship. 

A video recorded in Canada that shows the moment when a bald eagle tries to steal from a fisherman one of the fish he caught during his work. 

After trying to chase her away from her boat, Mathias Gilbert decided to take the party in peace and offer the imposing bird a piece of the fish she filleted. The scene was recorded by another fisherman and shared in Facebook’s West Coast Fisherman group .

In the viral material of Facebook you hear a colleague of Gilbert laughing when he saw the eagle trying to steal another fish while a second of these winged predators watched the scene up close.

“What do you want, old man? Your fish? “Asks the other seaman to Gilbert, who tries to push the bird away with his forearm but the only thing he managed was to get closer to the container with the fish.

“What is happening to this animal? This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, “adds the fisherman, who watched as Mathias stroked his back to the bird while he was busy devouring a huge fish filet he gave him.


Source: Trome