Brave man risks his life when entering the lake to ‘bathe’ with anaconda

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Thousands of YouTube users were terrified to see the viral video that shows a risky adventurer with a huge anaconda with whom he took a bath.

On YouTube , a viral video captured the attention of thousands of users for the unusual images that have surprised more than one user. A lover of reptiles entered a lake in the United States to bathe with a huge anaconda , record these scenes and make it public on social networks .

The page ‘Nigel Marven’ shared the viral video that generated terror in thousands of Internet users since the protagonist accepted the challenge of entering the premises of a gigantic anaconda to demonstrate that he could have dominion with the reptile.

According to specialist studies, yellow anacondas are one of the most dangerous animals for humans because of their quick action to devour their prey. Therefore, some YouTube users to see the scenes of the viral video feared for the life of the adventurer.

The subject was launched to the animal to capture it and show in its filming the appearance and form that had acquired the reptile;nevertheless, the gigantic serpent ended up coiling the whole body of the man bathing it completely in the lake.

“This is not the first time we have a capture of anacondas, through our channel we have been able to spread different species of fearsome creatures that have been a challenge to fulfill”, was read in the publication of the YouTube viral video .

In this note we share the video that has more than a million views and hundreds of comments from the netizens, who showed their concern with the protagonist of the YouTube adventure viral.