VIDEO: Woman Feeds Shark and Ends Up In Hospital

Melissa Brunning, a 34-year-old Australian, was vacationing in Dugong Bay, located in the North of her country. She was aboard a ship accompanied by a group of people, she began to feed a nurse shark that was swimming near the boat with her right hand.

The shark accepted the tasty offering, but at the time of biting not only brought food but also Melissa with it, by force of the pull driven by the multiple rows of teeth, she was also dragged into the sea.

That’s when the woman felt her index finger had been broken off: ” I could not look at the finger because I thought I had lost it and that if I looked at it I would likely enter a state of shock”.

After the traumatic experience, her companions managed to reassure her that she retained her finger. Brunning decided not to go to a hospital, but when I got back home the wound had become infected enough to require surgery in hospital.

Doctors found that her finger was fractured, Melissa admitted her mistake and expressed before her accident “Be aware of your environment and do not feed the sharks.”



Source: Frontera