The US Navy Revealed the Position of the Implosion of the ARA San Juan 

On November 22, 2017, seven days after the loss of contact with the San Juan, held a video conference at the Naval Base of Puerto Belgrano; The interlocutors were Rear Admiral Luis López Mazzeo, then Commander of Training and Enlistment, in charge of search operations of the ARA San Juan and a senior officer of the US Navy.

The content of the conversation was poured into a text of a page and revealed the information given by the US Navy confirming the explosion / implosion of the submarine and the geographical position of the event.

The US Navy is the “third source” mentioned by López Mazzeo in the Confidential message that he issued on November 30 to close the SAR case (the acronym of Search and Rescue, Search and Rescue) because the possibilities of rescuing their crew alive.

Until now it was known that the explosion had been recorded by the sensor system of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (one located on Ascension Island and another on Crozet Island) and by a report by analyst Bruce Rule, of the Office of Naval Intelligence of the United States (ONI), which revealed that the San Juan collapsed in fractions of a second. It is worth mentioning that ONI analysts (from the English: Office of Naval Intelligence) produce intelligence information from obtaining different sources and sensors from the US Navy itself. The three received information were coincident in the determination of the place where the shipwreck occurred and the cause; an explosion / implosion.

The sealed envelope with the data provided by the US Navy was received by the Defense Minister, Oscar Aguad and by the former Chief of the Navy, Admiral Marcelo Srur on the morning of November 23. It was perhaps the most important revelation; for the quality of the source; nothing less than the North American Navy that already had an airplane and means of search and rescue deployed in the area of ​​the wreck.

One could also assume that this sensitive information came at least to the knowledge of the Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Fulvio Pompeo, who officiated as a high level liaison with the participating countries of the mega search operation. The contribution was decisive to define the way to continue with the search effort. It is hard to say but it meant a change in the use of the means since the chapter of the urgency in safeguarding and preserving human life was overcome and the procedure would continue with the search for the material remains of the submarine.

Rear Admiral Lopez Mazzeo’s curriculum shows that he participated in officer exchange programs with the US Navy on two occasions, in the rank of lieutenant of ship and then of captain of frigate, like professor in the School of Naval War (US Naval War College ) located in Newport.

Mauricio Macri had the first contact with the naval command in the Libertad building to receive news of the case on the afternoon of November 21, 2017. The following day, the contribution of the US Navy to Rear Admiral Lopez Mazzeo in that video conference was crucial for raise uncertainty about what happened: an explosion / implosion ended the life of the 44 members of the endowment.

Macri returned to the Libertad building on November 24 and it is presumed that he already had information from the US Navy that reinforced it, but defined the certainty of the “hydroacoustic anomaly compatible with an explosion” that had been registered by the Comprehensive Ban Treaty Organization. Nuclear Tests, located in Vienna. That day the president gave a clear message “we must know why it happened” and urged “not to venture to look for guilty parties”, and that there will be “a serious and profound investigation” about what happened.

US Navy revealed in November the position of the implosion of the ARA San Juan

The former Navy chief, Admiral Marcelo Srur, had already unleashed the tyranny he had with Lopez Mazzeo and held him responsible along with the then commander of the Submarine Force, captain Claudio Villamide, for negligence and other serious qualifications, in essence, by allowing the departure and operation of a ship that, in its assessment, was not in a position to do so. That resolution was questioned by the minister who has not yet resolved if those observed should recover active service.


Source: La Voz