The US Approves the Unprecedented Sale of Missiles to Mexico for its Navy

MEXICO CITY – The US authorized for the first time the sale to Mexico of eight Evolved Sea Sparrow-type missiles for frigates, launch equipment and spare parts, for 41 million dollars, the US Department of Defense said in a statement directed to Congress.

“The State Department has made the determination to approve the possible military foreign sale to Mexico of six Evolved Sea Sparrow tactical missiles (ESSM) and two Evolved Sea Sparrow telemetry missiles for an estimated cost of $ 41 million.” reported the Defense and Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) of the Pentagon in a statement released in Mexico.”

The DSCA emphasized that the Mexican government had never bought this type of missile before, but it indicates that the Latin American country will not have difficulties integrating the new equipment into its armed forces.

“The proposed sale of equipment and support will not alter the basic military balance in the region,” warns the DSCA in its notification to Congress.

That cooperation agency of the Department of Defense, known as the Pentagon for its headquarters, notified that on Wednesday, August 8, it gave the US Congress certification of the possible sale of military equipment to Mexico.

The Defense informed the Capitol that the Government of Mexico “will use the missiles in its Sigma Class 10514 warships”, to improve the capacity of the Mexican navy.

The missile package includes an eight-cell MK56 VLS launcher, eight MK30 cylindrical containers, eight MK783 shipping containers.

“The proposed sale will strengthen US foreign policy and national security by helping to improve the security and strategy of a regional ally,” the DSCA said.

The military materials contracts are endowed with their parts and spare parts, support and test equipment, documentation and technical publications, training, technical support by contractors of the US Government, support and military engineering services.

That defence material “will significantly increase and strengthen Mexico’s maritime capabilities,” the statement said.

The Government of Mexico intends to “modernize its armed forces, expand its naval and maritime fleet, and support national security requirements.”

The contractor construction company of the US Defense that will provide the technical services to Mexico is Raytheon Missile Systems, established in Tucson (southwestern USA).

In January 2018, the US authorized another sale of military weapons to Mexico worth almost 100 million dollars.

On that occasion, Mexico purchased RGM-84L Harpoon Block II missiles, Block II Rolling Airframe Missile tactical missiles (RAM) and lightweight torpedoes of the Mark 54 MAKO Mod 0 type.

The Navy of Mexico said that the armament would be used in a frigate that will be launched in 2020, in order to monitor the coastal areas of Mexico.

On July 30, the Mexican government asked the US for a technical and logistic assessment of self-defence systems with missiles.

The US Approves the Unprecedented Sale of Missiles to Mexico for its Navy

Since 2002, the Mexican Navy has implemented a program for the modernization of its vessels.

A long-range oceanic patrol that is built with Dutch technology for the Mexican fleet already has a 70% advance in the construction of the hull.

“It will be the most technologically advanced in Latin America,” the navy said.

To modernize its naval fleet, the Mexican Navy maintains international cooperation with the US, the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy.

Mexico has 1.5 times more land than land, which is why it applies the concept of “control of the sea”, applicable to times of peace, beyond war scenarios, to safeguard human lives and maritime self-defence.



Source: Mundo Sputnik News