The Sea Lion That Appeared on the Roof of a Car was Returned to the Sea

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Mundo Marino personnel rescued him and reinserted him into his natural habitat. 

This Tuesday we told TN and La Gente the surprise that the neighbours of the Itatí district of San Clemente del Tuyú took due to the presence of a sea lion. Inexplicably it appeared on the roof of a family car .

The neighbours called the Mundo Marino Foundation whose staff trapped him with a net and put him in a cage to move him. Throughout the night they took care of him and when he saw that the rescue and rehabilitation center was in perfect health, he managed to reinsert him successfully into his habitat in Playa Norte, San Clemente del Tuyú. .

The animal was a large male and had an aggressive attitude, which is why it was difficult to do the rescue maneuver during the night . Normally, we try to avoid rescues without sunlight due to the danger represented by low visibility, but given the situation and that it was a dangerous animal in an urban area, it was decided to make the rescue prioritizing the safety of the neighbours.  

The Sea Lion That Appeared on the Roof of a Car was Returned to the Sea

From the Foundation explained that this type of animal usually leave the sea to rest at the coast. However, it is important to remember that it is a wild species that could attack people if they felt threatened. Also, physical contact with her could transmit zoonotic diseases.


Source: TN