Submarine Photography and Video Competition Will be Held this May 13th 

Marbella City Council, through the municipal Sports delegation, informs that the Official Center for Underwater Research (COIS) of Marbella will hold the XVI Submarine Photography and Video Contest in Marbella water next Sunday, May 13, under The following bases:

1.- All those divers with sufficient qualifications and valid federation or insurance license who are members of the COIS diving club and who register before May 13, up to a maximum of 50 participants, will be able to participate. Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of the rules.

2.- The registration fee will be 30 euros, which will entitle you to:
• Bottle charge (does not include the possible rental of the same or the equipment)
• Departure by boat
• Enlargement of photographs
• Snack

3.- Photographs They must be done with a blank card and an updated date, with any photograph out of the date of the contest being disqualified.

4.- The duration of the test “in immersion” must be carried out in the place chosen by the organization according to the weather conditions. All participants must deliver the memory card in the COIS club at 13.30; the breach of the schedule and/or maximum immersion times will mean the automatic disqualification of the participant.

5.- The allocation of participants to each boat will be carried out by the organization of the contest according to the capacity of the same, the level of the participants and the assignment of partners, being in this sense the decisions of the organization unappealable.

6.- Each participant must present their work, which will consist of a maximum of 90 snapshots, of which three photographs must be selected, one of the theme ‘fauna’, one of ‘environment’ and one of ‘macro photography’.

7.- The organization will rate from 1 to 10 each of the obligatory photographs selected by each contestant, calculating the total points of each collection that will be constituted by the sum of the partial results. The choice of the best ‘photo report’ will be at the discretion of the organization. The decisions of the organization will be unappealable. The ownership and rights of the photographs selected by each one of the participants will remain in the possession of the COIS, and the files and the rest of the photographs not selected will be given to each participant for private use by the COIS.

Submarine Photography and Video Competition Will be Held this May 13th 

8.- In each of the three modalities (fauna, environment and macro photography) prizes will be distributed to the first three. In addition, there will be a unique prize for the best collection and a special mention to the ‘photography report’.

9.- In the event that the contest had to be suspended for reasons unrelated to the organization, it reserves the right to set a new date for the realization of the same.

10.- The photographs submitted to the contest will become the property of the organization, reserving the right to make use of them without the author’s authorization, as well as the rights to which this may have an author.

The exhibition of the photographs taken and the awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 19, at 12:00 noon, at the COIS headquarters, located in the basement of the Municipal Stadium of Marbella.

For more information, interested parties can contact the president of COIS, Salvador Galdeano, at 639 768 412.


Source: Marbella Directo