Spanish Military Man Dies in the Antarctic When he Accidentally Falls Into the Sea

The first hypothesis of the investigation indicates that Javier Montojo, 53, was alone on deck

MADRID – Frigate captain Javier Montojo Salazar, who was traveling aboard the oceanographic research vessel Hespérides, has died by accidentally falling into the sea, the defense ministry said in a statement. The body of the deceased, 53 years old and native of San Fernando (Cádiz), disappeared in the vicinity of the Spanish base Juan Carlos I on Livingston Island, in Antarctica, and was located after six hours of searching.

The captain was last seen at 6 o’clock in the afternoon of this Friday, local time, and the body was found on Friday night after confirming that he was not aboard the ship. The causes of the accident are unknown, although everything indicates that he was alone on the deck at the time of the accident, according to defense sources.

The mortal remains of the frigate captain are aboard the Hespérides, which is already sailing, initially, towards Usuahia (Argentina), although it could be diverted to Punta Arenas, depending on the logistics of the plane sent by the Air Force to repatriate the corpse.

Frigate captain Javier Montojo Salazar

The body could arrive tomorrow morning in Argentina, where the process of repatriation of the corpse will begin, which could reach Spain on Tuesday. The captain, assigned to the Directorate General of Armament and Material of the Ministry of Defense, was not part of the crew, but was on the ship to participate in a scientific project on the operation of the Galileo satellite in Antarctica.


Source: Noticias de Alava