Shocking Images of a Whale Stuck on a Santo Domingo Beach

Sernapesca arrived at the place confirming that the animal was still alive, however, despite the attempts of the specialists to return her to the sea alive, she died this afternoon.

During the afternoon of Sunday, a whale was found stranded on the shores of Mostazal beach in Santo Domingo, south of the Valparaíso region.

As confirmed by Sernapesca, the cetacean was alive, so specialists arrived at the site to carry out rescue work. Through their Twitter account they indicated that they were “deploying all efforts to keep the whale alive”.

stranded whale on beach santo domingo

Despite all efforts, the whale died, confirmed Alfonso Ruiz, head of Sernapesca at 24 Hours. According to the Radio Bio Bio, in the first instance they tried to work with a rope and a boat to return the animal to the sea, however due to the low depth of the place where it was found, it did not allow the maneuver to be carried out.


Source: la Tercera