Seal Survives Six Months at Sea in England with a Frisbee Around Its Neck

Six months passed until they managed to catch her. It was at Horsey Beach in Norfolk, England. He went out to rest on the shore and as soon as he was spotted by the lifeguard that works in the area, the alert came to the hands of Friends of Horsey Seals, a rescue group that works in the area and has a strong peak of work. in the months of autumn and winter when the seals give birth and mate. In addition, during the year the volunteers are dedicated to rescuing sick, stressed or at-risk animals. And that was the case with this adult seal.

They managed to trap him with a net while doing her best to return to the sea. But he was so weak and hurt that his efforts were in vain. Due to the complexity of the wound caused by the plastic on her neck, she was immediately transferred to the East Winch Wildlife Center, a unit of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). “He was undernourished when the vets saw him, he had not been able to feed himself because of the obstruction that the frisbee generated, we had never seen such a wound and we thought that he would not be able to recover,” said the head of the centre, Alison Charles. Press release.

They removed the Frisbee and despite the poor prognosis, slowly began to show signs of improvement. “He still has a long way to go but we believe he will be able to move forward without problems, but he has fully recovered his appetite and is gaining weight in a sustained manner,” explained Alison Charles. Two months after the rescue, the wound was still very open, so the doctors decided to continue the antibiotic treatment and move it to a saltwater basin outside the enclosure so that it had more space.

Seal that Survived Six Months at Sea with a Frisbee Around It’s Neck

Five months later, Frisbee was ready to be released. “The Frisbee story really shows all the work, effort and time involved in recovering a seal so that it can then be released to the place where it belongs, months of medical treatment, huge quantities of salmon and the dedication of many volunteers to finalize the It is very sad to think that all their suffering could have been avoided if people were more careful on the beach and took into account the other species with which we share the planet, “he concluded.

The Story of the Seal that Survived Six Months at Sea with a Frisbee Around It’s Neck 1


Source: La Nacion