Rescue Commandos and Members of the FAES Carry out a Drill in Playa El Majahual

During the exercise, two rescues of victims of drownings attended by rescuers and members of the Armed Forces were carried out.

Members of the Naval Force and elements of Comandos de Salvamento this Sunday held a mock water rescue on El Majahual beach, in the Port of La Libertad, as part of the preparations that both institutions make for the Easter holiday season.

During the exercises two rescues of drowning victims were carried out and they were assisted by rescuers and later helped by members of the Salvadoran Air Force, who took them to the beach.

They also carried out simple and deep rescue practices.

It was explained that more than 100 Rescue Command rescuers participated in the simulation, including lifeguards, doctors, paramedics, nurses and ambulance personnel.

For the 2018 Summer Plan, Comandos de Salvamento will be present on the beaches of Conchalío, El Majahual, Puerto de La Libertad, San Diego, Costa del Sol, San Marcelino, La Puntilla, Metalío and Barra de Santiago.

FAES carry out a drill in Playa El Majahual

As also, permanent positions in main roads of El Salvador.


Source: Diario el Independiente