Pacific Fleet Ships Conduct Gunnery Practice in the Sea of Japan

Ships of the Pacific Fleet in the framework of the march of the Primorye Flotilla carried out in the Sea of Japan practices of artillery fire against naval, aerial and coastal targets, the press officer informed the press of the Eastern Military District for the Pacific Fleet, Nikolai Voskresenski.

“The landing detachment formed by the landing ships Nikolai Vilkov, Admiral Nevelskoi and Peresvet carried out artillery firing exercises in the military preparation area to eliminate non-visible coastal targets,” the soldier said.

According to Voskresenki, “the ships used the multiple shuttle systems to fulfill the established missions”.

In the contiguous military preparation area, a naval search and assault group consisting of the anti-submarine boats MPK-107 and MPK-82 attacked with their artillery forces a target towed on the high seas.

Another tactical naval group, consisting of missile launchers Iney and Razliv, shot down aerial targets with their artillery means.

In addition, the crews of the boats practiced the aid to a damaged ship.

Pacific Fleet Ships Conduct Gunnery Practice in the Sea of Japan

This march of the Primorye Flotilla of forces of the Pacific Fleet takes place in the seas of Japan and Okhotsk.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News

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