NATO Assesses the Growing Potential of the Russian Navy

NATO members, especially the United States, are concerned about the growing potential of the Northern Fleet and the Black Sea of Russia, a military and political source in Brussels told Sputnik.

“The first gives Russia access to the northern part of the Atlantic region, the second to the Mediterranean, ” added the agency interlocutor.

The Russian submariners increased their activity in the ocean: in 2017, the experience of navigation of the crews has doubled compared to the years 2015-2016. In 2018, the Russian Navy will participate in about 500 exercises.

The military-industrial complex of Russia creates a polyvalent system that includes nuclear submarines, equipped with nuclear-powered drones, capable of travelling at depths of more than 10 kilometres, at intercontinental distances and at very high speeds.

In addition, the construction and design of the fourth and fifth generation nuclear submarines for the Russian Navy is prioritized.

NATO Assesses the Growing Potential of the Russian Navy

Meanwhile, the Russian authorities reiterated on numerous occasions that Russia’s new weapons do not threaten countries that have no plans to attack it and the military doctrine of the country has an exclusively defensive character.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News