Heart Breaking Footage Captures Tiny Boat’s Final Moments

At least 11 dead, including children, after duck boat capsizes during storm, the last moments were rerecorded and shows here moments before a tourist boat trawled tragically over Lake Missouri on Thursday, killing 11 people,  spectators watched the fatal disaster as they sat down for dinner.

Jenny Phillips – Hudson Carr posted shocking footage on her Facebook page, showing the little boat fighting to stay afloat in the streams of Lake Rock near Branson.

During the five-minute video, voices from inside the dinner flight can scream out their concern as the waves crash in nearby ships.

“Wow,” “Oh my God,” “Oh no” and “Oh those poor people” can be heard frequently in Carr’s video, with dinner dishes and wooden pots in the background.

“They should never get out of these things,” one of the men said, “If there are children there, these poor children,” female voice can be heard.

They were both in trouble, and one of them was seen drowning in water. But the video was cut before it became clear which one was the duck boat that eventually overturned.

“They are all clinging to a dear life there,” a voice said.

The officials said 31 people were aboard the Raid the duck, which fell, 11 died, many were injured and several others lost early on Friday.

Here is the chilling footage: