A Policeman from El Sauzal Saves a Young Man from Drowning in Rojas VIDEO

Agent Angel Luis Valladares, who put his life at risk, threw himself into the enraged sea to help a 25-year-old man in distress until the arrival of a GES helicopter

A young man of 25 years was close to losing his life after falling to the sea in the area of ​​Rojas, on the coast of the municipality of El Sauzal, which could be rescued thanks to the intervention of Angel Luis Valladares, local police who approached place to jump into the water and close it to the ground to help it not collapse by drowning, until the GES helicopter arrived that lifted them both safe and sound.

“If it were not for the quick intervention of Valladares,” said some curious people who witnessed the event, “the young man could not have been rescued alive”, given the violence with which he battered the sea in Rojas, a traditional place for fishermen that also has with a very busy path.

After being alerted at half past one in the afternoon that someone had fallen into the sea on the rugged coast of Rojas, the local police left the procession of San José, two kilometers from the coast, and did not hesitate to jump into the water, putting at risk his life, to help the young in distress, staying with him until the arrival of the helicopter. The aircraft took the two of them out of the water and, after leaving Angel Luis Valladares in El Sauzal, he transferred the affected person to the Tenerife North airport, where an ambulance from the Canary Emergency Service (SUC) waited, which moved him, at all times consciously, to the University Hospital of the Canary Islands.


According to the first observations, before entering, the 25-year-old man presented various erosions and mild faintness, remaining admitted, but out of danger. In the operation, apart from the local police officer who played such a prominent role, the rescue helicopter of the GES de Salvamento Marítimo, an ambulance from the Canary Emergency Service (SUC) and agents of the Local Police and Civil Guard intervened.


Source: Diario de Avisos