A Fisherman Saw Something Floating in the Sea; He Approached and Discovered that It Was a Baby that was Still Alive

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On Matata Beach, New Zealand, an 18-month-old baby was rescued from the ocean after he walked away from his parents’ tent.

Jessica Whyte, a mother who was camping on Matata’s New Zealand beach, was alarmed by the manager of the camp that her 18-month-old baby had been found floating in the sea by a fisherman in the area. The baby had survived.

While they were sleeping, Jessica and her husband lost sight of their baby who is thought to have gotten out of the tent and somehow reach the beach. While the two parents slept placidly, Gus Hutt, a fisherman in the area noticed something that looked like a doll and that floated in the sea.

Curious, the fisherman that day had deviated a few miles of the route that he used to do every day, approached the object floating, only to discover when it was close enough, that it was not an inanimate object but a baby floating sideways with his left side underwater, the baby had managed to keep breathing.

“That baby is very lucky or it was simply not his time to leave,” the fisherman confided to the New Zeland Herald that told the story of this man who has become a local hero. “The boy had not been in the water for more than 15 minutes,” Hutt added.

As soon as the fisherman rescued the child, he called his wife Sue Hutt, who was on the ground, to search for the parents of the lost baby in the ocean. That’s when Mrs. Hutt contacted the camp manager who quickly identified who the parents might be, as there was only one baby staying in the camp.

But far from running into family members alarmed by the disappearance of their son, the manager and the fisherman’s wife had to wake them up and tell them about the strange events. “She just ran to the store and woke them up and asked where is her son? We just found one in the sea, ” Hutt said.

When the fisherman returned to the beach with the baby in his arms, they were waiting for the fire service that provided the first aid baby waiting for the arrival of the ambulance that later moved them to the Whakatane Hospital. The police were also at the scene, but due to the fortunate outcome, no charges were brought against anyone.

A Fisherman Saw Something Floating in the Sea; He Approached and Discovered that It Was a Baby that was Still Alive

This accident, which seems extraordinary and can make many parents raise their eyebrows as a sign of reproach, is actually very familiar to a recent episode in New Jersey. Last September, a man who was driving ran into a baby crossing alone and crawling a busy avenue.

Like the New Zealand fisherman, Cory Black Cannon, 41, thought he saw a doll in the middle of the asphalt while driving his car down an avenue whose speed limit was 40 miles per hour in Eatontown, New Jersey.

The driver rescued the baby who, it was learned later, had managed to escape from his home without any relatives being aware. As reported by the local APP, which gave details of the case, the family of the baby is recognized by their community and enjoys respect and esteem and according to the version provided by the authorities, everything was the result of an accident.


Source: Univision