34 Immigrants Aboard a Vessel Rescued in Alboran Waters

Maritime Rescue Officers have rescued in Alboran waters a vessel occupied by 34 people of sub-Saharan origin, including two women, who had left at midday in the area of ​​Tafarini (Morocco).

According to Efe sources of Maritime Rescue, the rescue began after 2:00 pm after receiving a warning from Morocco that warned of the departure of a vessel.

The Guardamar Polimnia and the helicopter Helimer 207 participated in the rescue and later the Cuco 502 aircraft and the Valpas ship, both from Frontex, were added to the search.

Immigrants rescued in Alboran Sea

The Guardamar Polimnia now moves the 34 people to the port of Motril (Granada), where they will be served by the Red Cross.


Source: Cope