An Unidentified Object Found, In the Search Area of ​​the Argentine Submarine

In the search for the missing submarine of the Argentine Navy of San Juan in the South Atlantic, a new unidentified object was discovered, the Associated Press reported on Sunday.

According to the representative of the Argentine fleet, Enrique Balbi, he is at a depth of 950 meters and is located near the last known location of the submarine. He also said that the object discovered earlier by the Russian underwater telecontrolled apparatus was a sunken fishing vessel.

Argentine Submarine San Juan1

The submarine “San Juan” disappeared 18 days ago, with 44 crew members on board. Last Friday, the command of the Argentine Navy announced that it was stopping the rescue operation, since there was practically no chance of finding sailors alive: if the submarine failed to surface, it would not last for more than 10 days.


Source: Maritime News of Russia