Devastated Port By Deadly Hurricane Finally Restored

The waterways within the Sector Houston-Galveston Captain of the Port (COTP) Zone have been significantly impacted by Hurricane Harvey. As we all work together to restore the port to a normal operating condition, the following guidance is being distributed to help facilities as they work to re-open. All USCG regulated facilities within the COTP zone shall conduct a self-assessment as outlined in the Sector Houston-Galveston Heavy Weather Contingency Plan – Annex E and submit it to or as appropriate.

The “Comments” section under each question provides space to document any issues or non–conformities and provide a summary of your plans to ensure safe and secure cargo transfers in the interim. Once assessments are received Coast Guard personnel will assume your facility is ready for operations. Any vessel moored to a facility that has submitted their assessment to the Coast Guard and is capable of facilitating safe cargo operations may do so in accordance with their Operations Manual. The Coast Guard will work diligently to complete checks of all regulated facilities. These checks focus on the ability to safely conduct cargo operations, maintain adequate security, and the ability to enact the facility’s response plan.

Port of Houston

Facilities that are currently ready for normal operations will not have their operations unduly delayed solely due to these checks; however, all regulated facilities will be subject to a check as a part of the port restoration process. As a reminder, the recent increase in current and water levels may have altered the bottom conditions at your berths, you are reminded that it is the facility’s responsibility to provide safe berth to all visiting vessels. It is highly encouraging that facility operators conduct a dock survey to ensure vessels docking have sufficient water depth. As the waterway opens, Vessel Traffic Services will coordinate movements within the Vessel Traffic Service area.