Missile Destroyer of the US Navy “James Williams” Went to the Port of Odessa

A USS James Williams DDG95 missile destroyer arrived in Odessa on Wednesday, the press center of the command of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

According to the press center, approximately, the destroyer’s visit will last until December 2.

As reported, the American missile destroyer James Williams entered the Black Sea on November 26. After passing through the Bosphorus Strait, he headed north along the western coast of the Black Sea.

In August this year, the destroyer James Williams visited the Baltic Sea. The American ship, in particular, visited Riga.USS James Williams

“James Williams” went to the Black Sea coast on the way from the Red Sea, where in mid-November he visited the Saudi port of Jeddah.

On November 19, a missile frigate, the invisible French Navy La Fayette, also entered the Black Sea. This is not the first entry of a French warship into the Black Sea. Last time he visited there in March this year. During the stay, the French frigate visited the Romanian port of Constanta, and also took part in joint exercises with Romanian ships. In March 2015 he visited Odessa.


Source: Maritime News of Russia