In Kaliningrad Fishing Port, a Fish Products Store is Opened at Prices “From Fishermen”

December 22, 2017, at 11 am, the opening of the fish store “Portovy” will take place on the territory of the Kaliningrad Sea Fishing Port.

Its creation was announced by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia – the head of the Federal Fishery Agency Ilya Shestakov, the general director of FSUE “Natribresurs”, Sergey Kharkov, and the port director Igor Razinkin, at a working meeting at the CCIRP in the framework of the port’s joining the FSUE “Natribresurs” in November current year. The task of the launched project is to provide the population of the Kaliningrad region with the opportunity to purchase fish products at the port at low prices, formed without the participation of trade and intermediary organizations.

“There is a paradoxical situation when residents of cities where the fish industry is historically a city-forming one can not buy fish products at a normal price. Here we will sell fish with a minimum mark-up and in the best possible quality. In fact – from the fisherman to the buyer “- says the general director of the National Resources Agency, Sergey Kharkov, said.

The store will be opened in the building of the former cafe “Zhemchuzhina”, located on the territory of the port. The choice of the buyer will include fish and seafood produced by local fishermen both in the Baltic Sea and in the oceanic fishery. And also fish products of the producers of the Kaliningrad region. Later, after building the necessary logistics, residents of the Kaliningrad region will see fish products from the Far East and Northern fishing basins on the shelves of Portovoye.Fish Store Opening Portovy

“We invite everyone to open our store. It is clear that this is only the beginning. But I think that soon the former “Pearl” and now the store of the Kaliningrad fishing port will become a place of pilgrimage not only for fresh sprat lovers, but also delicacies from the northern and Far Eastern seas of Russia. At present, there are many places in Kaliningrad where you can buy fish, but there are not many such places where it was for every taste and purse. Therefore, first of all, we tried to create a place where at the lowest price one could buy almost everything: from sprat to salmon, as they say. Moreover, at quite reasonable prices, “comments Igor Razinkin, the store’s opening director, on Monday.

In the store, the goods will be sold at retail and wholesale, at prices from the manufacturer. Quality of the delivered products will be controlled by experienced industry specialists. Until the new year, the store will run daily from 11 to 20 hours.


Source: Maritime News of Russia