Fishermen in Primorye Proposed to Punish Poachers for the Live Catch Released into the Sea

The Association of Mariculture Organizations (AMKOR) of Primorsky Krai has criticized the new rules for collecting damage from poachers developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and proposes to tighten the punishment.

According to AMKOR, the draft amendments to the RF Government decree imply a significant increase in penalties for illegal fishing at sea, but does not provide for compensation for damage when returning illegally harvested bioresources to the natural habitat.

“In addition to this, the responsibility of poachers in these cases is automatically written off – there is no damage, no crime. The effectiveness of the fight against poaching in Russia will increase significantly when a poacher caught with live catch will pay for the damage, “AMKOR said.

In this regard, the Association of Maricultural Organizations of the Primorsky Krai held a public discussion of the draft amendment proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and proposed fixing damage platters in the amount of 50% of the total cost of one living individual that was returned to the habitat.Fishermen in Primorye

“The draft changes in the fees for damages caused to aquatic biological resources are in the process of forming the final version of the text. If the proposed AMKOR standards are adopted, poachers will not be able to avoid, as before, compensation for the harm inflicted, at the same time it will become more difficult for them to avoid criminal responsibility, “the Association believes.

Source: Maritime News of Russia