Cruise ship MSC Magnifica damaged in collision with quay at Civitavecchia in Italy

MSC Magnifica damageThe cruise ship MSC Magnifica collided with the Quayside while departing the Port of Civitavecchia, Italy. The vessel contacted with the pier and suffered damages, but remained afloat and without reported water ingress. Fortunately during the collision there were no injuries and water pollution. The accident was reported to local authorities and two tugs assisted the giant cruise ship to berth again in the Quayside at Port of Civitavecchia. The vessel will be inspected by Security Bureau of the Coast Guard, along with the institution’s technical engineers, in order to assess the damage caused by the collision.

According to preliminary assessment of the situation, the collision was caused by rapid change of the wind – from 9 to 41 knots in just a minute. The vessel was pushed to the quay and collided with the stone wall.

“The situation is constantly monitored by the operations room of the Harbor and we will allow the ship to sail again only after having completed the technical checks of the naval registry that must confirm that ship covers all the requirements for navigation”, said the statement of Port of Civitavecchia.

The cruise ship MSC Magnifica stayed overnight at the Italian port, so the damage could be fixed. Some passengers, mostly families with kids, decided to spend the night in the hotel, due to the bad weather. The vessel has been scheduled to depart the port at 3 PM local time today, April 19. As a result, the call in Ajaccio (France) will be skipped.

As precaution until improvement of weather conditions, all ships were ordered to maneuver in port with assistance of tugs.

The cruise ship MSC Magnifica (IMO: 9387085) has overall length of 293.00 m, moulded beam of 36.00 m and maximum draft of 9.00 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 9,429 DWT and the gross tonnage is 95,128 GRT. MSC Magnifica is a Musica-class cruise ship operated by MSC Cruises and during the accident was in Mediterranean cruise. The vessel can carry over 2,500 guests at double occupancy.

  1. I am currently on the ship and your article is wrong. The ship tilted to the left on departure to which the swimming pools were emptied and kids were sent onto the deck screaming. I went to my cabin and witnessed the ship veer towards the concrete pier. It collided with the pier and did so repeatidly for 20 mins with no communication from the captain. We have been given a 100€ credit which is useless as all shops are closed. Staff still none the wiser and most are just being rude to guests. Shambles!!

    • Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec vous l’article est faux, j’y étais aussi et il y a eu aucune consigne de sécurité ou autres, nous avons décidé de quitter le bateau pour manque de securite.
      Je suis entrain de voir avec le customer service.
      Bien cordialement.


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