Cook of a Ship Dies After Falling Overboard at the Port

Cook Ashok MB, 59, of Indian nationality, was taken to the port side of the MSC Dymphna merchant to deposit the garbage in a network when the ship was docked in the container terminal of Opcsa, located on the León pier and Castillo Naciente del Port of La Luz . It was about 10:40 yesterday when the ship’s crewman fell overboard, hitting the dam and finally falling into the water. A quarter of an hour later, his body was taken out of the water but already in cardiorespiratory arrest.

The container ship had arrived at the capital of Gran Canaria in the early hours of the morning from Valencia. When the stevedores performed the tasks of unloading the containers, Ashok MB went to throw the garbage bags in a place where, later, a crane is responsible for depositing them in the cartolas, according to port sources. It was at that moment when the accident occurred. The cook rushed, hitting one of the fences that are on the cliff and ending in the sea in the space between the ship and the dock.

The merchant crew members were the first to jump into the water when they saw that the victim was drowning and unconscious. The rescue operation lasted for about 15 minutes until they finally managed to hoist it. At first, a private ambulance arrived at the scene, whose technicians began the tasks of cardiopulmonary resuscitation when they were in a cardiorespiratory arrest. The toilets of the Canary Emergency Service (SUC), which came in a basic life support ambulance and another medicalized one, continued the resuscitation tasks of an advanced nature. However, any action was unsuccessful and finally the doctor confirmed the death of Ashok MB The autopsy will determine the causes of death.sailor dies in Puerto de La Luz

This is the second death that is recorded in the Port by the fall overboard of a sailor in little more than a month. On October 22, the Scottish operator Colin G., 50, drowned after rushing into the water from the drilling ship Stena Icemax, which was docked at the Queen Sofía dock. Colin G. died on the dike after being rescued.


Source: La Provincia