Cargo Ship that Went Adrift Near Cape St. Mary’s Hit Dock Before Leaving Port

Ship’s crew failed to report damages…

A cargo ship heading to Romania that was rescued by the Canadian Coast Guard off Newfoundland on Sunday night it had ran into trouble even before losing its engine 12 kilometres from land.

The MV Baby Leeyn was towed to safety early Monday morning, but CBC News has learned that the boat collided with the dock in Argentia before leaving port.

An official with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans confirmed Wednesday that the crew of the boat failed to notify Marine Communications and Traffic Services when the incident occurred.

Transport Canada said in a statement that because the Baby Leeyn left port immediately after the incident, it was unable to inspect for damage.

The organization only learned about the collision when notified by Marine Atlantic.

Transport Canada added that upon returning to land, the ship was inspected, finding no damage as a result of the collision.

But the dock wasn’t so lucky. Photos taken by Marine Atlantic show that the bow of the ship left a hole in the wharf and damaged pilings that support it.MV Baby Leeyn

Marine Atlantic said officials are still evaluating know how much it will cost to repair the dock and the MV Baby Leeyn’s agent said the ship’s insurers are dealing with the matter.

The ship’s Turkish owners had no comment.

Source: CBC News Newfoundland and Labrador