General cargo ship Unilink II sank in Philippines

cargo ship Unilink IIThe general cargo ship Unilink II sank after collision with concrete piles of a boardwalk construction in Lapu-Lapu city, Mactan. The vessel was proceeding to the port in bad weather, strong winds and heavy seas. Probably the bad weather conditions adrifted her to to the concrete piles and were the root cause of the accident. After collision the ship suffered breaches at bow and starboard and started getting water ingress. The crew members were unable to pump out the water and general cargo ship Unilink II sank with bow resting the bottom and stern remaining partially above the water. All the people from the vessel were evacuated without injuries. There is no report about water pollution.

The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the accident. The salvage operation will be considered after weather improvement. On board of the cargo ship there are several tons of HFO, which must be pumped out before refloating.

The general cargo ship Unilink II (IMO: 8510312) is owned and operated by the Philippines company Unilink Shipping Corp. The vessel was built in 1985 by Sanuki Shipbuilding and Iron Works in Takuma, Japan. The cargo ship has deadweight of 673 DWT and gross tonnage of 222 GRT.