Four people died at tourist boat accident off Greek island Aegina

Aegina collisionFour people died and another five are seriously injured at tourist boat accident west off Greek island Aegina. The scullery with at least 20 passenger was rammed by speedboat in the channel between Perdika and Moni Eginas. The speedboat was proceeding fast to the beam of the boat and engraved into the vessel and passengers. Most of the victims died immediately after collision, being hit by the high speed yacht. The tourist boat sank, which put into the water all the passengers. At the scene of the accident immediately arrived nearby yachts, boats and pleasure crafts, which assisted with rescue of the distressed people. All injured were transported to Aegina Health Center for first aid and then transfered with helicopter to hospital in Athens.

“It’s such a small channel, just a few minutes’ distance,” he said, referring to the waters between the port of Perdika in Aegina and the nearby uninhabited islet of Moni”, said the mayor of Aegina, Dimitris Mourtzis.

Among the victims of the terrible accident near Greek island Aegina are five-year-old girl, her father, another male passenger and skipper of the boat. One of the injured people, Ukrainian tourist, partial amputation of the left leg. Another from injured people has sever respiratory problems, but his health condition remain stable.

speedboatThe speedboat did not suffered serious damages, but the owner was arrested. The coast guard and local police departments immediately arrived at the scene of the accident and started investigation. The skipper of the high speed yacht was arrested and will be accused of inducing death to more than one person.

“I did not understand what has happened, I did not see anything, I did not understand anything”, were the first words of the skipped of the speed boat.

Among the arrested people for the accident is the owner of the high speed yacht – Thrasivoulos Lykourezos, owner of 77chrono. According to preliminary information, the skipper of the scullery signalled and maneuvered in order to avoid collision with the speedboat, but it was not enough. The speedboat cut in half the scullery, hitting many of the passengers and sinking the boat.

Aegina accident“We were en route with another pleasure craft to the monastery. Suddenly we saw the boat have been rammed. Our skipped headed straight to the scene. The picture was tragic. Some people were in the sea, others swam and some had already drowned”, said eyewitnesser of the accident. “There were life jackets around, but we did not saw the scullery”, added he.

The tourist boat is 7.00 m in length and beam of 2.50 m. The boat is driven by diesel engine and can reach maximum speed of 6-7 kts. The skullery is used for voyages around Aegina island and cruises to the monastery. The tourist boat has capacity to carry up to 25 passengers and during the accident was not overloaded.